• vision

    Meta Story Productions is a social enterprise of Tamme de Leur and Oscar Pathuis.

    Our goal is to draw attention to socially relevant issues, with a focus on human trafficking and migration.
    We do this through consultancy, documentaries, cross-media projects and (postgraduate) education.

  • Persoonlijk reisverhaal van de 95-jarige verzetsheldin over haar strijd voor vrijheid tijdens WO II en het Oost-Europees communisme.
    De keuze van Hebe Kohlbrugge
    (NPO, 2009)
  • Op zoek naar illegale prostitutie met speciale politie-eenheid.
    Brandpunt: Seks op bestelling (2012)
  • Twee parlementariërs op zoek naar betere prostitutiewetgeving.
    Schone Schijn (NPO, TVFakta 2014)
  • We maken kennis met Maurits Tompot, een bijzondere koster van de Sint-Janskerk in Gouda, met een fascinatie voor glas in lood en stripverhalen.
  • We maken kennis met poppenverzamelaar Paulien Visser en haar man Cor. Ondanks veel tegenslagen blijft Paulien altijd opgewekt.
  • We maken kennis met Bernadette van Dijk. Zij is straatpastor met een hart voor daklozen en minderbedeelden.
    GHLSportret Bernadette
  • Peter Vroon is fotograaf en kijkt op geheel eigen wijze naar de wereld
    GHLportret - Peter Vroon (NPO, 2015)
  • Over 5 zaken van slachtoffers van mensenhandelaren en de rol van politie en hulpverlening.
    Mijn loverboy - het ware verhaal
    (NPO, 2010)
  • Jan Jense, mantelzorger en sneldichter, neemt ons mee in zijn bijzondere levensverhaal.
    GHLportret - Jan Jense (NPO, 2014)
  • 'Symphonic Junction'
    Promotiefilm Residentie Orkest (2012)

Video impressions

  • 'Schone Schijn'
    promo documentaire
    2013 NPO 2, 2014 Zweden/Finland
  • 'Mijn loverboy'
    impressie documentaire
    2010 NPO 2
  • 'De wereld uit, het klooster in?'
    promo De Wachtkamer
    2014 NPO 2
  • 'Vechten voor hoop'
    promo voor De Wachtkamer
    2014 NPO 2
  • 'Seks op bestelling'
    promo KRO Brandpunt
    2012 NPO 2
  • 'One thing'
    vIdeoclip Emilia
    2014 Zweden
  • cellist Pieter WIspelwey
    promo concert
    2013 Residentie Orkest
  • 'De keuze van Hebe Kohlbrugge'
    promo documentaire
    2009 NPO 2
  • 'Nooit meer lijnen'
    promo voor De Wachtkamer
    2014 NPO 2
  • 'Meldcode huiselijk geweld'
    impressie e-learning
  • 'Symphonic Junction'
    promo voor concertreeks
    2014 Residentie Orkest
  • met Henk Werson
    Stef Bos over boek 'Fatale Fuik'
  • Trafficking Human Beings

    Media and THB conference in Vienna

    Tamme was a keynote speaker and moderator at an EU conference in Vienna. The main topic was how human trafficking is portrayed in the media; the good and bad practices. We felt priviliged to show members of the press and officials  the complexity of THB and how journalists can improve the reporting of it. The conference was instigated by ICMPD, the participants came from Azerbaijan, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Turkey and Moldova.

  • Trafficking Human Beings

    Closure of the latest minor course fighting THB

    Our fourth minor course has already come to an end, last year 160 students completed the course on fighting human trafficking. We are proud of our students, who all came from different backgrounds such as journalism, social work, nursing and management. Many of their final assignments can be put into practice in their own field of work. To name a a few: an app to check the working conditions of holiday work, a card game which highlights THB indicators, a presentation about organ trade and the start of refugee project in Greece.

  • Trafficking Human Beings

    The second group of postgrad students

    The second batch of postgrad students have received their certificate. Appeals Prosecuter Martin Witteveen handed out the diplomas after giving a lecture. He talked about his work in Rwanda, Uganda and Palestine and elaborated on his involvement with International Justice Mission. a worldwide organisation in the field of fighting THB. Martin demanded more focus on both child prostitution and human trafficking in the supply chains.

  • Frontpage

    Tamme to Lisbon

    • On October 9 and 10, the European specialists of the Salvation Army will come together in Lisbon for training and for developing strategies for the fight against human trafficking. Tamme has been invited as keynote speaker and trainer/consultant. To be continued…

  • Cyber Crime

    The digital Sherlock

    On February 10, Reed Business Education organized a seminar on online citizen detection together with TNO. Tamme was there and it was very captivating. Chair of the day was Diederik Greive, Chief Public Prosecutor at the Public Prosecutor and portfolio holder Detection Coverage among others. The questions raised in front of a 100-member audience were: – How does one approach detection, given the developments in social media as well as social commitment and involvement? – What are the established parties facing in that area?

  • Trafficking Human Beings

    Minor Approach to Human Trafficking

    For Christelijke Hogeschool Ede, we developed the minor Approach to Human Trafficking, which will begin this fall. It is a wonderful way to do something against these human rights violations: teaching others what we have learned. As many as 100 students have signed up to dive into this subject with us.

  • Trafficking Human Beings

    Romanian parliament 2015

    On April 22 and 23, Tamme was back in Romania for a conference and speech in the parliament on human trafficking. Romanian ministers, the former president and a large number of international experts on human trafficking were present. This fascinating visit offered plenty of opportunity to meet new people and to greet old acquaintances. European anti-trafficking network EFN was also present, which is a new network that we are sure to hear more from in the future.

  • Cyber Crime

    The future of crime

    May 27, writer and former FBI expert Marc Goodman visited The Netherlands. Tamme saw him at the police academy where Goodman gave a speech about the future of crime. It was very interesting to see him live and to hear and see the hundreds of interested people debate about the relevant and threatening developments in cybercrime.

  • MetaStory News

    Graduation Gemma

    For the first time, we had a student (Higher Vocational Education – Social work for Residential Institutions, Community Development and Child and Youth Welfare Work – Windesheim) graduate at our company on the subject of human trafficking indicators. Gemma Mooij is an outstanding talent. After her graduation, she works as a teacher in our minor Approach to Human Trafficking 2015/2016 at Christelijke Hogeschool Ede.

  • Trafficking Human Beings

    Focus on sex buyers

    Today Dutch political parties CU, SP and PvdA presented a bill with the intent to fight forced prostitution. Sex buyers should be punishable if they reasonably can suspect that a prostitute is forced to do sex work. More than a year ago we took two MP’s abroad for a documentary on Human Trafficking and prostitution policies. We went with the MPs to Sweden (where sex buyers are punishable, not the prostitutes) and we travelled to Romania, which is a source for traffickers even though the country officially bans everything to do with prostitution. At the end of this documentary MP Segers is writing the first draft of the bill, later on joined by the Dutch Labour Party and the Socialist Party.

  • Trafficking Human Beings

    18-10 Anti-Trafficking Day

    The EU has declared 18 October annual EU Anti-Trafficking Day. We have always worried about this phenomenon, and we will continue to do so in the future.
    Documentary My Loverboy (2010)
    Report KRO (Catholic Radio Broadcasting) Brandpunt (Focus, 2012)
    Documentary Behind the Scenes, NPO (Netherlands Public Broadcasting) (2013)
    Video Frontline EU project (2013/2014)
    Presentation Human Trafficking 3.0 in Lithuania (2013)
    Presentation Behind the Scenes in Romanian parliament (2014)
    Behind the Scenes TVFakta in Sweden/Finland (2014)
    Several guest lectures for Social Studies CHE (2012-present)

  • Trafficking Human Beings

    Tamme in Jury

    Home of Change and Centrum Kinderhandel Mensenhandel (CKM, Center Child Trafficking Human Trafficking) organize a writing contest on the theme of human trafficking. The jury consists of Tamme de Leur, Renate van der Zee, Olga Hoekstra and Ellen de Ruiter. Both professional writers and hobby writers may write the short stories on the theme of human trafficking. The winner will be announced October 18; he or she will get a publication in the collection ‘Captivated.’

  • Cyber Crime

    Operation Cyberpaint

    In September we went to Operation Cyberpaint for a research project; a special experience! White hat hackers, Anonymous, cyber security pros and Government together. A beautiful initiative of Deloitte, KPN and FOX IT. In the morning there was a panel discussion with hacker/journalist Brenno de Winter about privacy laws, ethical hacking and the new Dutch e-ID, followed by a paintballing game for the enthusiasts in the afternoon.

  • Socially relevant

    Parliamentary questions

    Last night our episode of the Dutch TV series De Wachtkamer (The Waiting Room)  was aired with the protagonist Tülay. After a serious car accident this young woman slipped  in a coma and her family was advised to give her up. Because she was older than 25 years, she is not treated in the Netherlands and the insurance reimburses only the bare essentials. It shows that Tülay after treatment in Belgium can communicate with the outside world. But back in The Netherlands again, she fell back. In response to this concern, the SP, the Christian Democrats and the Christian Union asked parliamentary questions expressing it should not make any difference what your age is or what insurance you have for getting medical rehabilitation.

  • MetaStory News

    Swedish broadcasting

    The experiences of Hilkens and Segers led to a bill and debate in the House of Parliament on the responsibility of whore-hoppers. Meanwhile, excerpts from ‘Behind the Scenes’ were shown in the Romanian parliament and the documentary will be aired from August 2014 on the Swedish/Finnish TV4 documentary channel.